Sunday, March 4, 2012


Just a few intro pics of my Volks Heath. I've had his head since the fall sometime, and he recently got his body (Granado 64cm), so he's all finished n'stuff. The Granado body is an amazing match, both in color and proportion. I love it!!





Doll: Volks Heath on Granado 64cm
Name: Marcus Alexander
Species: Vampire
Age: ...Old
Faceup: Me

Marcus here is one of Alex's "parents". Alex was raised by one human woman and three vampires (one of which is David, my Migidoll Ryu). Currently Marcus does not live with the rest of my vampires, he has a job which keeps him away from them most of the time. When he is around he spoils Alex rotten, and brings him cupcakes :3

He totally face-planted while I was shooting him. I blame his tiny feet *kicks*
Luckily he wasn't harmed :)


  1. Wow have not seen him before he is stunning

    1. Thank you! I don't think Heath is all that popular...I'd never really seen him before and he came up while I was searching for some other doll to be Marcus...Heath was better. His eyes are on the large side, but out of the few I was looking at, he matched what I wanted the best!