Thursday, March 1, 2012

Newest arrival

Not my DS Saint. Not yet anyway. After an excruciating 14+ month wait I'm actually hoping he'll be here tomorrow. But USPS as usual, isn't updating so god knows.

No, this is the first impulse buy of the year...and hopefully the last XD


Lookit that lil faaaaace!!! X3
I saw my first PKF at a meet a few months ago, and it was love. I'd never seen one in person before, they're so adorable! I knew I'd have to have one eventually. This little guy was pre-loved and kind of a mess. No actual damage (unless you count one of his head magnets being missing damage), but I spent a lot of time cleaning him. He needs to be restrung, his poor string is dirty and kind of dry feeling, but I'll deal with that when I get new string lol
He's pretty yellow, but it's even, and honestly, if yellowing bugged me half my dolls wouldn't be WS.


Chichi no like.

I was planning to do him up kinda dark and creepy (like a lot of my dolls)...but after looking at his cute little self all day I'm not sure I can. I might have to go the opposite and do bright and colorful. Or something. I'm not getting creepy from him at all. Maybe he can be Wyn's bunny XD Alex has enough already!


  1. yay, I have found you to stalk 8D <3
    I love pkf ante! Definitely one on my wishlist! Congrats.

    I'm also waiting on Dollshe except I'm only on about month 6 ;___________;

    1. :D That's exactly what I thought when I found you!!
      And thank yooooou! Ante is adorable in person

      Lol the good news is you probably won't have to wait 14 months! Unless you ordered WS...they seem knock us WS peoples down to the bottom automatically. :\

  2. Aww, he's cute! As much as I love pukis and such, I don't think I could ever have anything smaller than a Yo. I'd lose them in the couch! XD

    1. XD that's what I thought about them before I bought my first Puki! I was so sure I'd lose him! But I've yet to even lose a hand :D

      *knocks on wood*

  3. pukifeeeeeee <3
    ante is by far my favorite fairyland sculpt, I'm excited to see what you do with him

    1. It's funny, Ante wasn't my first choice, but now that I have him, I can't figure out why XD

  4. You should totally go against (your) normal (dark) type... and let him be like Kayle in Firefly - so blindingly bright and perky that everyone else in the crew would kill him if it didn't require so much effort.

    Oh, and make him handy at something essential... ANOTHER reason they can't Off him even if they want to!

    1. That is so weird...I literally just started watching Firefly last night D:
      So I actually know who you're talking about!!

      I think he'll be handy at being cute. ...that might not be the best skill, but my group hasn't assassinated Wyn yet and cute is pretty much all he's good for XD