Wednesday, March 7, 2012

David and Goliath?

DM and DS1

To this I say damn. Alex is short! Which I knew...I had two 70+ boys at home before Israfel finally showed up after taking his sweet freaking time. But still. Damn. Since Iz is supposed to be over 7ft tall (and he's wearing a pair of Alex's "tall boots") and Alex is under 6, I don't really care. Even if it looks more like 3 ft than 1. Everything can't be perfect I guess.
Of course if I go by Dollmore feet, it's more like a 2ft diff... XD

DM and DS2

This is why I love Dollmore Adams...specifically mine XD
The upper torso can move equally any direction, giving him the largest range of shoulder movement in any doll I've ever owned. His thigh/hip joints can move too, so he can manage that natural balance and stance. Poor Iz. I haven't got the hang of him yet. He had to lean.


So pretties ;U;


  1. LOOK AT THE WIG!! Looks amazing love the beads added and he is such a great poser seriously!! they look good together despite Alex's...stature he still makes a serious impression!!

    1. He tries anyway XD
      I love the shots of him with Israfel...he really looks pissed that he's so little which is so indicative of his character it's perfect!!

      And thank you!! I'm in love with this wig!! And it's weird cause I've never been a super-fan of dreads myself. It was supposed to be for my incomplete Kara Klum but I can't seem to bare taking it off of this one XD